New Additions

On May 10, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Migs

A lot of changes…

On April 20th, I received my tiny red angler. I thought he was a warty, but I think he is actually a tiny painted angler. He is very cool and settling nicely in the sponges.

On May 2nd, I purchase two Flaming Prawn Gobies for the Spec. The Spec now has feeder shrimp, Harelquin Shrimp, feeder starfish, and some very cool gobies.

On May 7th, I purchase a Randalli’s Red and White Pistol Shrimp for the Flaming Prawn Gobies in the Spec. I also purchased a female Harlequin but looks like it didn’t get along with my male and did not make it.

Of course I received some cool items for my 57g at home – Blue Porcelain Crab, Anemone Crab, and my greatest fine… tank acclimated Blue Tangs – tiny… but eating and doing well.


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